Updating Your Spring Wardrobe

Updating Your Spring Wardrobe

By Dr. Gina Kingston

Dr. Gina Kingston is a personal stylist who specialises in people with health issues. Her mum had Multiple Systems Atrophy and Gina she has scoliosis and nerve pain and they still like to look stylish. Her son has eczema and sensitive skin. Gina has scoliosis, an asymmetrical body, and last year, she lost her voice for 4 months and had to run around with a whiteboard to communicate. Here, Gina tells us how to update your Spring Wardrobe with ease. 

I love Spring! It’s a time of growth and renewal. The days start to warm up, flowers start to bloom and birdsong fills the air. 

It’s also a great time to refresh your wardrobe. I am a firm believer that it is important to refresh your wardrobe regularly.  If you buy a couple of new things each season you can spread out your purchases.  If you wait until your clothes get old and tired you can find yourself having to replace your whole wardrobe at once. Yikes!  

You can end up with a big expense all at once, or worse, if you wait until you need it, you may find that there is nothing that you like in your size. You may end up settling for something you don’t really like, that is hard to put on, or that ends up causing you pain. 

Gina Kingston fitting adaptive shoes on a client (Suede Comfort Wide Sneaker for Women in Blush)

Gina Kingston fitting adaptive shoes on a client - Suede Comfort Wide Sneaker (Women) - Blush (@ginakingstonstylist)

I don’t know about you, but I wear my tops for 1 day, my bottoms (skirts and pants) for 2, and my toppers (cardigans, jackets, and jumpers) for a week or more between washes.  What this means is that my tops get washed a lot more than everything else and they tend to wear out first. 

I recommend looking for at least two new tops and one new bottom (pants, skirt, or shorts) every season. You should also replace one or two other items each season - for example a jacket, a pair of shoes, a hat each season.

So what should you be looking for, when shopping for your Spring wardrobe?

I’m all about practicality first. Spring is a season where the mornings and evenings can be cold and the days hot. Having layers that you don’t have to take on and off every 5 minutes is important.

One way to achieve this is to have layers that you can open and close as the temperature varies.

Christina Stephens EveryHuman Cropped Seated Jacket - Brick Red

Christina Stephens EveryHuman Cropped Seated Jacket - Brick Red

EveryHuman Retro Popover (Mens) - Ink

Another way is to wear clothes that don’t warm up too much during this day. Light colours will reflect the sun and won’t get as hot as darker layers.  So if you prefer jumpers to cardigans and jackets look for ones in lighter colours. 


EveryHuman Durian Printed Hoodie (Womens) - Multi

Unless you are staying in a climate-controlled building, there will be times when you need to take your topper off and show what’s underneath. 

Spring is a great time to add some interest to your wardrobe with a print or a colour. Tops that match your eye or cheek colour will draw attention up to your face.

EveryHuman Jocelyn Stripe Sweater Tee (Womens) - Pink/ White SuccessA

Jocelyn Stripe Sweater Tee (Womens) - Pink/White

EveryHuman 3/4 Sleeve Leaf Back T-Shirt - Watermelon

3/4 Sleeve Leaf Back T-Shirt - Watermelon

EveryHuman Fighting Chance Tee

EveryHuman Fight Chance Tee (Unisex)

Grabbing both a print top and a coloured top in different styles will give you more variety in your wardrobe and make it feel like you have more options to choose from.

When deciding what you are going to get this Spring look for colours that go with each other, with your skin tones, and with the clothes that are already in your wardrobe.

You can find out more about Gina here.

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