Spotlight: Friendly Shoes

Spotlight: Friendly Shoes

Imagine all the adventures you could go on if you just had the right pair of shoes. 

That’s exactly what Joseph DiFransico asked himself after watching dozens of his patients struggle to wear appropriate footwear. As an occupational therapist and a shoe-enthusiast, he questioned why a better, easier, friendlier shoe didn’t exist for people of all abilities to wear. 

So he set out to create it. 

First, he travelled across the world to the South of Brazil to find beautiful, handcrafted sustainable leather. Then, he devoted his time and attention to creating his patented invention: Easy Shoe Access. From there, Friendly Shoes was born. 

Every pair of Friendly Shoes blends together practical function and beautiful style to give you comfort, support, and independence. It’s specifically designed for people with mobility challenges thanks to the Easy Shoe Access patented zipper. All you have to do is unzip, slip in, and zip up again!

Through thoughtful design and clever technology, Friendly Shoes is now helping people of all abilities move in a way that matters to them. They also offer an affordable wide-fit option to anyone who lives with AFOs or leg braces. What could be friendlier than that?

Our Top Friendly Shoe Picks 

Marlo Knit   
Give your feet the comfort it deserves with the Marlo Knit Friendly Shoe. The stylish low top gives it a classic look, and the breathable jersey knit makes it feel like a t-shirt on your feet. It’s the perfect shoe for anyone who spends long hours on their feet. 
Friendly Flex Charcoal Shoe
A casual shoe for all-day wear, specially created with an easy access zip to help you dress one-handed. It’s so breathable and soft, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds. 
Friendly Flex Champagne Shoe 
A soft pink, comfortable shoe you can wear on the go. It pairs perfectly with white jeans for a crisp summer look.


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