Bored in Lockdown? Give these activities a go!

Bored in Lockdown? Give these activities a go!

By Olivia Shivas

Being in lockdown is no fun. As a person with a disability that's vulnerable when a virus is going around, I'm extra careful and keen to stay at home. But I'm also an extrovert who loves being around people, and I love making fun plans - all of this goes out the window during a lockdown! And even though it doesn't get any easier going into a snap lockdown (as we are now in August 2021 in New Zealand), over the last year and a half, I have learnt how to make the most of the situation and fill my time with activities that are good for my mental and physical wellbeing. 

Now, these suggestions might not be enjoyable or doable for everyone, but this is what has helped me through lockdown.

What's cooking, good looking?

Even before we were familiar with the words lockdown and self-isolate, I was an avid baker. But even more so now during lockdown. Having more time has allowed me to experiment and try new recipes. Some of my new favourite recipes include focaccia bread, char siu bao (Chinese pork buns), coffee buns and chickpea curry. 


Get moving 

One of my favourite activities after work, when we are not in lockdown, is boxing; I take classes 3 or 4 times a week at my local gym. With the gym being closed during lockdown, my gym runs classes over Zoom. While it doesn't feel as satisfying punching the air compared to an actual boxing bag. It still feels good to move my body and connect with my gym trainers and friends over Zoom.

I've also enjoyed discovering new local areas that I can take a walk/roll to. During this lockdown, I've gone back to stay with my parents, and they live near the beach. So it's only a 20-minute walk down, and I can smell the ocean, nothing better after being stuck inside all day!


Arts and crafts

Lockdown has given me more time to work on some skills that I might never usually have time to develop. I've worked on my sewing skills and learnt how to make face masks - practical and cute. I've also spent some time making a DIY miniature house that has been time-consuming but really satisfying to make! And it's a great activity that doesn't involve a screen because you have to concentrate so much. 

Video calls until your phone battery dies

Even though I can't physically see my friends in person, I do my best to catch up with them as much as possible over Facetime. Sometimes it's just as tricky scheduling Zoom calls to real-life brunches, but I do my best to catch up with friends who really need to talk. 

Ironically, I've caught up with some friends moreover video-chat during lockdown, compared to when we aren't in lockdown! But our catch-ups still continue, which is great. I personally don't need captions, but some programmes like Zoom do have automatic live captions for people who are Deaf/hard-of-hearing. 

All Pictures: Olivia Shivas (@oliviashivas) 
Please exercise caution when participating in any of these activities and only do what's most suitable for you. If you are under 18, use parental supervision.
What are your favourite activities to do during lockdown? Leave a comment to let us know!

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