Best Adaptive Fashion Brands From Around the World

Best Adaptive Fashion Brands From Around the World

When it comes to adaptive fashion, no two brands are created alike. But, how do we know which ones are truly the best? We searched all around the world for the answer and even stocked a few noteworthy brands on our platform. 

Here are our top picks: 

Tommy Adaptive

Tommy Hilfiger is the first mainstream brand to set an example and bring adaptive fashion to the forefront. In 2016, the brand collaborated with Runway of Dreams - a non-profit organisation working towards an inclusive fashion industry- to create a collection of adaptive clothes for children with disabilities. This was inspired by Tommy’s personal experience raising his autistic children. 
In 2018, Tommy Hilfiger released an adaptive collection for adults. The collection features the classic Tommy style crafted with innovative modifications, like easy-closure magnets and jeans with wide-leg openings, to make getting dressed an empowering process. 
The iconic brand made another splash in adaptive fashion in late 2019 when it unveiled the Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya Adaptive collection on New York Fashion Week, featuring adaptive clothing that exudes style, sophistication, and glamour. 
Tommy Hilfiger has proven that it’s not impossible for mainstream brands to design for differently-abled people, and we hope that other brands will soon step up and follow their lead. 


Nike, the leading sportswear giant, is also at the forefront of the adaptive fashion movement. Their innovative FlyEase technology was created after receiving a letter from a teenage boy with cerebral palsy about the difficulty he faces when tying his shoelaces. From there, 
Nike launched the FlyEase design, which uses a wrap-around zipper solution to open the back of the shoe so people can easily slide their foot in and out. 
Nike’s designs have evolved to include adjustable straps that make it easy to tighten and remove shoes with one hand - completely eliminating the need for laces. They have also invested in HandsFree Labs, a company specialising in hands-free sneaker technology. With this new partnership and Nike’s core belief that ‘If you have a body, you are an athlete,’ we’re excited to see what adaptive innovations they’ll come up with. 

IZ  Adaptive 

IZ Adaptive is an adaptive clothing line created by renowned fashion designer, Izzy Camilleri. IZ Adaptive has been labelled as a pioneer in the adaptive fashion space for designing clothes with thoughtful alterations that make getting dressed an independent and delightful process. 
Think well-tailored suits and jackets for people in the seated position; magnetic closures instead of buttons; a unique cut for pants so they don’t bunch up in a wheelchair; and innovative open-back tops. 
Izzy and her team worked closely with people with disabilities to understand their stories, their pain-points, and their clothing needs in order to help them find their perfect fit. The result is 
timeless, adaptive clothing that is suitable for everyone; whether you’re seated in a wheelchair, desire more independence, or want something easy and fashionable to wear. 
IZ Adaptive’s global reach and hundreds of glowing reviews speak volumes about the impact it’s making in the adaptive fashion space. 
Shop the IZ Adaptive collection here. 


MagnaReady specialises in producing adaptive clothing for people with dexterity issues. They are renowned for the patented magnet technology which was created by founder, Maura Horton. When Maura saw her husband struggling to button his shirt due to the onset of Parkinsons Disease, she set out to find a solution. 
After a fruitless search to find adaptive clothes that matched her husband’s youthful and sophisticated style, she was inspired by the magnetic closures on her iPad case. From there, she created the iconic MagnaReady magnets that are now deftly woven into a wide range of dress shirts and pants. 
MagnaReady’s technology can now be found in adaptive retailers across the globe. The company even struck up a partnership with PVH Corp, the world’s largest apparel company which owns iconic brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Van Heusen. The Tommy Adaptive collection and Van Heusen both feature MagnaReady’s technology in their adaptive clothing. 
Shop the MagnaReady collection here. 

BILLY Footwear

BILLY Footwear is revolutionising the footwear game for the better. After founder, Billy Price, broke his neck in an accident, he needed to find shoes that were easy to wear and matched his style. Enter: BILLY Footwear. Every BILLY Footwear shoe uses zipper technology that allows the shoe to open up completely so you can slip your foot in with ease. BILLY Footwear shoes are also able to fit orthotics and are AFO friendly, making it truly accessible for everyone.  
Since its introduction into the adaptive fashion space, BILLY Footwear has gone on to spark delight in the hearts (and feet) of thousands of adults and children across the world. They have partnered with large retail partners in Spain, UK, and Australia, and are continuing to make trendy, adaptive footwear accessible to everyone. 
BILLY Footwear is even making its first Hollywood debut! You can spot their popular red high-top canvas shoes in the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife film. Keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you find them!
Shop the BILLY Footwear collection here. 

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