3 steps to find your signature style with a disability!

3 steps to find your signature style with a disability!

By Shakti Krishnan

​​Growing up as a disabled person, you’re often not given an opportunity to express yourself through fashion. This isn’t on purpose or anything, just a consequence of how you grow up. Through physical therapy, I had lots of different gadgets to help me get around.

I remember very clearly wearing callipers on my feet with big chunky orthopedic shoes so I could be more balanced. Having shoes that helped me not fall was more important than what they looked like.

I really didn’t think about clothes or fashion that much. It was purely a functionality thing for me because that’s how I’d experienced it. I didn’t understand why anyone would want or need 12 pairs of shoes. Luckily for me, that was about to change.

It wasn’t till I was in my late teens that I realised how empowering it was to express myself through clothes that made me feel like me. This had a HUGE impact on my confidence and how I related to my disability. I hadn’t had a lot of practice, but suddenly I found myself dressing with a little more personal style and flair, and I enjoy being able to express myself differently!

The phrase “Dress for the job you want” resonated with me in the sense that I could dress the way I saw myself in contrast to how I believed other people perceived me as a disabled person. That does sound confusing, but essentially I found empowerment in adapting fashion to express myself.

So, how did I get here? Here are some tips that helped me out.

Make sure your clothes fit!

Making sure you have clothes that fit your body can often be overlooked. You’re not going to wear something if you don’t feel right in it! Having the right size can take some experimentation, but it goes a long way regarding how you look and feel.

I personally love sweatshirts because they are easy to size and don’t bunch up at the front when you’re sitting down. This is a classic sweatshirt that will look good with any basic fit.

Tommy Block Logo Sweatshirt - White

Shoes are more fun when you’re disabled.

If you’re in a wheelchair, no one’s going to have fresher kicks than you. Take advantage of this! Your shoe choice can also really elevate your overall fit. I am a big sneakerhead and would argue that you’re going to look great in a clean pair of sneakers.

These low rise sneakers have a classic silhouette with a fantastic accessibility feature to quickly get your feet in and out of.

Shakti in our campaign shoot wearing Billy Footwear and Tommy Hilfiger.

Wear with confidence!

Try to base your style around clothes you feel confident in. There’s nothing more fashionable than confidence. No matter what you’re wearing, you’re going to look great if you feel like a million bucks. 

I like to wear jackets over something else for layering if I’m trying to upgrade my fit. Something like this jacket with a collar will look great for a smart/layered look.

Ivy Jacket (Mens) - Navy/Pastel

Albie Tee (Mens) - Navy

Hopefully, these suggestions help you when you’re assembling your next outfit. Don’t forget to check out Everyhuman's collection if accessibility is important to you.

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