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Welcome to the heart of the platform. Here, a simple choice will act as a powerful commitment to creating a future, where the universe celebrates and accepts the uniqueness of every single human.

3 Designs, 3 Partners

Our partners are among the best in their fields at breaking down barriers in the disability space. 

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100% of profits are sent to carefully selected projects. EveryHuman does not deduct or charge any fees from proceeds raised.

Change the life of EveryHuman model, Tayla Egan. After developing a severe and deadly case of Sepsis as a young woman, she endured almost fifty operations, including open-heart surgery and a double-leg amputation. Today, Tayla is a double amputee but refuses to let that define her or get in the way of her dreams. All profits raised during December will go to paying for medical expenses and adjustments to living arrangements required to support and enable her to live her best life. 

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Help change the fashion industry to become more inclusive, increase opportunity and become more accepting of people with disabilities. The Runway Of Dreams Foundation develops, delivers and supports programs and events that celebrate people’s differences, break down stereotypes, highlight the need for mainstream adaptive apparel and showcase people with disabilities in fashion.

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Identifies challenges, hurdles, and barriers faced by people with disabilities in their everyday lives and then designs and builds sustainable enterprise businesses to bridge these gaps.

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This is everything we love: bold, thoughtful, and actively creating positive social change through business, trust and human interaction.

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