Why Love on the Spectrum is a Must Watch

Why Love on the Spectrum is a Must Watch

By Amy Klootwyk 

In late 2019, Netflix released the first season of Love on the spectrum. Only a few months later, our middle man, Micah, was officially diagnosed on the ASD spectrum. As a mum, I threw myself into researching and learning about all things autism-related. I found myself at a crossroads of an unknown world I knew little to nothing about. I started learning about what life would look like for our boy. Would he be able to attend the same school as his older brother? Is he going to be able to play sports? Would he find love?  

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Needless to say, it was an overwhelming time when the Netflix show popped up as a recommendation. 

The show changed my perspective on what the future holds for my son. It opened my eyes, and I am so grateful for its creation. The series takes you on a journey following young adults on the spectrum, trying their best to navigate and explore the unpredictable journey of trying to find love. Director and Producer Cian O'Clery does a fantastic job of giving the viewer a better understanding of autism. People on the Spectrum often find social situations extremely hard to navigate, the show follows each character on a series of dates. Unlike your usual dating/ reality show, everything seems very organic. Each cast member is introduced to the viewers with a series of likes and dislikes - this is done so we can understand their uniqueness. They have sessions with counsellor/dating expert Jodi Rogers, who does a phenomenal job of giving each individual confidence and helping to set up the basic stepping stones of dating. 

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I felt such a connection in hearing the other parents talk about their journeys with their child. The overwhelming common theme from all of them was how proud they were and their hope for their child to find connection and companionship. For these parts, I most definitely needed tissues!

Love on the Spectrum is a must-watch. Why? Because it offers insight into a world that is often extremely misunderstood. The goal is to understand and appreciate each of the characters and how wonderfully unique they are. The series is warm, compassionate and it brought peace to my heart, knowing that this journey will be a rollercoaster but that everything will be ok. 

Season 2 of Love On The Spectrum has been released, with both seasons available to stream on Netflix now. So what are you waiting for?

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  • I watched “Love On The Spectrum” on free-to-air TV & loved it!

    I loved how the parents were so open to their child experiencing having a relationship.

    I have a physical disability & when I was younger my parents probably wouldn’t have been open to that. I’m talking about 40 years ago though

    Sue O’Neill on

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