Spotlight: BILLY Footwear

Spotlight: BILLY Footwear

What do you get when you cross trendy sneakers with a zipper?

The iconic BILLY Footwear. 

When founder, Billy Price, broke his neck after a three-storey fall, he was left paralysed from the chest down. Suddenly, simple tasks that he took for granted, like getting dressed, feeding himself, and putting on shoes, became a monumental challenge. 

While Billy was able to persist and implement ways to dress independently, finding sneakers that were easy to wear, didn’t require laces, and matched his style seemed almost impossible. 

Then came a stroke of genius: the classic zipper. 

Each BILLY Footwear shoe incorporates innovative zipper technology that run along the outside and the toe of each shoe. This allows the top of the shoe to open up completely so you can slip your foot in with ease. By removing troublesome shoelaces and opening up the shoe to fit leg braces and orthotics, Billy and his business partner created a revolutionary product that is truly accessible for everyone. 

These are the perfect shoes for those whose fingers lack dexterity, wear AFOs (Ankle-foot Orthoses), or simply can’t be bothered with shoelaces. 

Our favourite part? The team behind BILLY Footwear know just how vital shoes are for achieving the perfect outfit, so they made sure to blend function and fashion in every shoe. Now, you’ll always have the perfect pair of kicks to show off on the playground, at work, or on very special occasions. 

At EveryHuman, we’re deeply passionate about pairing up with brands who understand the challenges of finding clothes that adapt to them, and who believe that fashion is about self-expression. That’s why we’ve curated the best BILLY Footwear designs on our platform so you can go about life with your best foot forward. 

Our Top BILLY Footwear Picks:

For women who are looking for extra sparkle in their life:

For men who desire premium style and comfort:

For the toddler in your life who can’t wait to run outside and play:


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