Fulfilling my Dream of Attending a Fashion Week Casting

Fulfilling my Dream of Attending a Fashion Week Casting

By Mamie Rose 

Recently I saw a post on All is for All’s Facebook page about New Zealand Fashion Week; I’ve always wanted to walk in a fashion show, so I messaged my manager, Grace and let her know I wanted to be involved this year. She came back and explained to me that to be in a fashion show, I first had to go to a model casting and walk in front of the designers, who then choose from all the models at the casting who would get to walk in their shows.

Even just the thought of having the opportunity to walk in front of the designers was exciting to me, and I knew I had to go along and experience this for myself. 

When you go to a model casting, not only do the designers get to see you walk for them, they also get a card with your name and photo on it. All is for All had some awesome ideas for how ours would look, so we all got together for a photoshoot to capture the right imagery a few weeks out from the casting. 

We had to wear quite simple outfits so the designers could picture their clothes on us. We had to wear two outfits, and I chose to wear some blue jeans and a white top for the first look and for the second look I wore a black dress and a fur coat.

I was a bit nervous doing the shoot, but I didn’t let that get the best of me, our fantastic photographer Jake Dennis was so great to work with. He really made me feel relaxed and calm, which made me feel a lot better, and the photos came out awesome!

A group shot of various models after the NZ Fashion Week Casting.

Alt text: A group shot of various models after the NZ Fashion Week Casting.

A few weeks later, it was time for the casting. It was held at a really nice hotel called the Cordis, which was cool. When I first arrived, I had to go and meet Grace. I was feeling super nervous because I wanted to make a good impression, but when I saw everyone, I started to feel a little more at ease and very excited. 

When it was our turn to walk in front of the designers, the adrenaline started pumping, and I turned into my true confident and beautiful self. I strutted down the runway giving the designers everything I had; before I knew it, the casting was over. I felt so relieved because I had finally done it, and I was so proud of myself for getting out there and giving it a go.

My advice for anyone who wants to go to a Fashion Week or modelling casting is to be brave and give it your best shot. If this is your dream, then you must go for it like it is your one chance. 

All Pictures from Mamie 2021 (@mamie_1131)

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