Enjoy Summer with these Accessible Finds

Enjoy Summer with these Accessible Finds

By Pieta Bouma | Edited by EveryHuman 

Nothing makes me happier than a bright blue sky and the promise of adventure, so as the days are getting warmer, my mind is wandering to all the places I will explore this summer. With a disability, it is important to put a little bit of extra prep into any adventures, but it always turns out worth it to get some time in nature, especially with friends and whanau (family). 

It’s super important to stay hydrated to avoid heatstroke and keep your energy up. Make sure to take a drink before and after swimming as you often don’t feel thirsty after being in the water, but it does still dehydrate you! I recommend this cup holder, which, if you also purchase the attachment, can be attached to your wheelchair.

FFORA Cupholder

FFora cupholder demonstrated with tumblr.
FFORA Attachment System - Nickel
FFORA attachment demonstrated on a wheelchair.
It’s impossible to forget to keep sipping when your drink is right there with you wherever you go! This drink bottle comes in 4 colours (I love the blue), and you can also purchase a drink bottle holder with straps or the attachment to your wheelchair to make it easy to carry around everywhere. You pair it with the leather bottle holder to attach it to your manual wheelchair. 
FFORA Bottle

FFORA Leather Bottle Holder

Another thing to watch out for is the sun, especially on this side of the world. Sunscreen is great, but nothing beats covering up. And don’t be fooled if it’s overcast; the sun can actually burn just as much even with clouds around! This linen overshirt can look cool and casual over togs at the beach but can also be dressed up with nicer pants for a BBQ. 

Femme linen Shirt - White

This denim shirt dress will also protect you from the sun in a more casual style.

Icon Denim Shirt Dress - Medium Wash

Summer is a great time to kick back and splash out a bit with your style; I love experimenting with brighter colours and patterns. Try these funky sunglasses for kids to add some fun to the outfit!

Willow Shades

Wherever you are this summer, make the most of the warm weather and spend some time outside, but make sure to stay safe from the sun, know your limits, and take breaks as you need them. Equip yourself with everything you might need to get out there early, so you don't miss out on any opportunities!

Pieta, a young disabled woman is patting a dog.

Image from Pieta 2021 (@pieta.bouma)

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