Behind the Brand: Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive

Behind the Brand: Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive

As one of the world’s most iconic designer brands, Tommy Hilfiger is known for its all-American preppy styles and classic looks. 

But the US designer has also gone down in history for making an inclusive splash in the fashion industry. 

1 in 5 Australians has a disability. Yet, when it comes to fashion and design, accessibility is almost always seen as an afterthought. For people with disabilities, clothing options that are both stylish and easy-to-wear are few and far between. 

This was an issue that hit close to home for Tommy Hilfiger. 

After seeing how his daughter with autism struggled with buttons and shoelaces, it opened Hilfiger’s eyes to the need for a more inclusive fashion industry - one that allowed people of all abilities to feel empowered while getting dressed. 

This experience sparked a chain of exciting events and partnerships that ultimately led to the iconic Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive Collection. 

To bring his revolutionary vision to life, Tommy Hilfiger partnered with Runway of Dreams in 2016 to create the first-ever designer collection of adaptive clothes for children with disabilities. 

The collection was a raging success and ultimately expanded into a full-blown adaptive fashion line for adults in 2018. 

Now, the revolutionary Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive Collection has finally made its way to Australia!

The entire adult collection features the iconic Tommy style we know and love, but with an innovative twist. Each item of clothing is designed with adaptive features that make it effortless for people with disabilities to wear. 

Fiddly buttons are replaced with easy-close magnets. Form-fitting pants have adjusted leg-openings to accommodate prosthetics. Clothes are perfectly tailored so they don’t bunch up in wheelchairs. 

Tommy Hilfiger has proven that it’s possible for mainstream designer brands to design stylish, adaptive clothing for differently-abled people. Although we still have a long way to go before we establish a truly inclusive fashion industry, the Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive collection is a monumental step forward. 

EveryHuman is thrilled to be the first Australian retailer to launch Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive and bing their iconic fashion straight to your doorstep. 

Below are a few of our favourite Tommy styles:

Mens Heathered Regatta Jacket
Meet Tommy Hilfiger’s sporty solution to unpredictable weather. When the clouds roll in, just slip into the Regatta Jacket and use the magnetised zip closure to zip and unzip with only one hand. It’s as easy as that. 
Oxford Solid Shirt
A crisp white shirt is an essential in every modern woman’s wardrobe. This classic staple is crafted with premium cotton for a truly comfortable fit, and designed with discreet magnetic closures to make dressing a breeze. Pair it with tapered pants for a chic look. 
Regular Fit Polo
The iconic Tommy Hilfiger polo has been redesigned with magnetic buttons and velcro closures for ease of dressing. Now everyone can rep the classic Tommy look. 
Signature Jegging
The Tommy Jeggings combines the comfort of leggings with the classic denim look so you can look your best wherever you go. Thanks to the zip openings at the ankle hems, you’ll never have to tug and pull these pants over your leg braces again. 
Girls Seated Knit Sweatshirt
Girls just want to have fun in this playful knit sweatshirt. It’s designed with discreet velcro closures on the back so you won’t have to tug and pull it over your head. Plus, the pop of colour is sure to brighten anyone’s day! Pair it with leggings or adaptive jeans for a truly stylish outfit. 


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