Spotlight: ModiBodi

Spotlight: ModiBodi

Like all brilliant ideas, the creation of Modibodi began with a simple question:

‘Why have women’s personal hygiene products stayed the same for centuries?’

After Kristy Chong started experiencing post-birth bladder leaks, she discovered that traditional underwear failed to protect women against periods, bladder leaks, and sweat. Fed up with disposable hygiene and failing underwear, Kristy became determined to find an innovative solution that would empower women and change the planet. Two years and a whole lot of testing later, Modibodi underwear was finally born. 

Every pair of Modibodi underwear looks exactly like regular underwear, but with a game-changing twist. It comes equipped with patented Modifier Technology that works to wick away moisture, absorb fluid, and provide waterproof protection so women never have to worry about their flow. 

The result? Women everywhere can confidently live their best life knowing they are protected against pee, period blood, and sweat. 

Better yet? By replacing the need for disposable feminine hygiene products like pads and tampons, Modibodi underwear is also saving the planet by drastically reducing the amount of landfill. Win, win, win!

Now, Modibodi has evolved into a whole range of reusable, sustainable tops, singlets, period undies, and swimwear, that are designed to help women live their best lives. Their mission is to keep inventing and expanding their range so every ‘bodi’ can feel confident, comfortable, and fiercely themselves. 

EveryHuman is thrilled to add Modibodi’s revolutionary period underwear to our range of adaptive intimates. By pairing up with innovative lifestyle brands that are changing lives, we hope to spark more conversations about loving our bodies - inside and out. 

Our Top Modibodi Picks:

Say goodbye to leaks and stains, and hello to feeling sassy and secure. This signature Modibodi underwear is guaranteed to protect you against period blood, bladder leaks, and pee. 
Hot days, sweaty workouts, and high-pressure jobs are no match for this moisture-wicking bikini. 
Sleep easy with the sensual Hi-Waist Bikini. It’s soft lace and special Modifier technology means you can rest comfortably knowing you won’t stain the bed. 


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