Spotlight: IZ Adaptive

Spotlight: IZ Adaptive

For over 30 years, Canadian fashion designer, Izzy Camilleri, has made a name for herself dressing Hollywood stars like David Bowie and Meryl Streep. 

But, her career in high fashion took a dramatic turn in 2004 when she was asked to design a shearling cape for a woman in a wheelchair. After being confronted with the complexities of designing for someone who was wheelchair-bound, Izzy realised that if this woman was having difficulties finding beautiful clothes that fit, then there must be hundreds of others who were facing the same obstacles too.

Armed with a desire to make fashion more accessible to everyone, Izzy successfully weaved fashion and function to design a new adaptive clothing line, IZ Adaptive. Every style in the collection features thoughtful alterations that make getting dressed an independent and delightful process. Think well-tailored suits and jackets for people in the seated position; magnetic closures instead of buttons; a unique cut for pants so they don’t bunch up in a wheelchair; and innovative open-back tops. 

IZ Adaptive’s timeless, adaptive clothing is suitable for everyone; whether you’re seated in a wheelchair, desire more independence, or want something easy and fashionable to wear. 

In an industry that has traditionally ignored the needs of the differently-abled community, IZ Adaptive has pioneered the way for adaptive fashion and has raised awareness for disability issues. 

We are delighted to partner with Izzy Camilleri and offer IZ Adaptive’s revolutionary designs on our platform, and we hope that you’ll find your perfect fit. 

Our Top IZ Adaptive Picks: 

Dress to impress with this well-tailored suit. It’s specially designed to avoid crumpling while seated, so you’re always looking sleek:


Come rain or shine, you’ll always be covered with this intelligently designed raincoat: 


An essential for every wardrobe: a pair of flattering, comfortable jeans. The elastic waistband makes for easy dressing and it’s perfectly cut for a natural seated fit. 


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