Product Launch: BUTTS incontinence undies for kids!

Product Launch: BUTTS incontinence undies for kids!

Incontinence undies for kids are often clinical and uninspiring. The women behind the brand Brighter Needs have launched a reusable incontinence undies range for kids in fun patterns so your kid can feel confident! Tried and tested, these BUTTS undies may be small but have maximum impact and absorbency.

We chatted to the dynamic duo Ange and Mel on their awesome product. 

What inspired BUTTS? 

We are Ange and Mel, brought together by a common need and ended up as friends and epic business partners!

 We are excited, determined, and passionate about contributing to change and breaking the stigma for children with incontinence. Our journey has been full of emotion, devotion, and love. 

For years we watched friends and family members dealing with incontinence get to the heart aching realisation that they had to put their children into adult plastic diapers.

We saw the children’s disappointment when their only option was white and clinical nappies. We watched the parent's and children’s mental health deteriorate. 

We saw a need for fun, practical, comfortable undies for kids who suffer from incontinence. We listened to conversations, asked the kids directly, put ourselves in the shoes of their parents and, came up with a solution! 

BUTTS – Undies with attitude.


Can you tell us about the research, design and, testing process?

In Australia alone, over 940,000 children suffering some form of incontinence.

We have been actively designing and trialing our product on children with incontinence for 3 years. We tweaked and modified our product until we found the perfect solution BUTTS – Undies with Attitude!

We have had independent absorbency testing done and the absorbency results of our BUTTS are outstanding and second to none in the children’s incontinence space.


What makes BUTTS unique?

We are dedicated to creating excitement and joy for kids and give them the thrill of wearing cool stylish undies. They're comfy and a sustainable alternative to single-use products. 


What does inclusivity mean to you?

Inclusivity for us is all incontinent children being comfortable and protected while rocking stylish undies that look just like their peers!


Key features of BUTTS

Fixed double-ended inserts specially designed to maximise absorbency and performance.
EveryHuman featuring BUTTS incontinence underwear for kids.


Hidden side snaps to reduce sensory overload. Quality skin-friendly fabric used which are easy to wash and conceal odours.

EveryHuman featuring BUTTS incontinence underwear for kids.


Side seam snap design allowing for ease of dressing option in addition to being pulled up like standard underwear.



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