Meet the Model: Josh Brass

Meet the Model: Josh Brass

The EveryHuman community is made up of diverse individuals who are committed to showing up and creating a better, inclusive future. By sharing their dreams and aspirations, we hope you feel encouraged to share yours. 

Name: Josh Brass

Age: 10

I’d describe myself as… a stubborn kid, who enjoys sports like track, swimming, tennis and Spartan races!

In my spare time, I enjoy… watching Muselk, Mr Fresh Asian, Lachy and Lazarbeam on YouTube.  I also love to play on the Xbox and watch Tik Tok.

I’d describe my style as… black. I like black.

My favourite TV Show(s) are… Teen Titans & Chasing Monsters.

The first time I discovered adaptive fashion was when… I went to the Challenged Athletes San Diego Triathlon Challenge where Nike had a booth. They were kind enough to gift me a pair of cool shoes. 

The person I look up to the most is… Kurt Fearnley because he’s a good friend and sometimes I forget how much of a good athlete he is too 😂 One day we were playing tiggy in the pool and I thought I was smart by jumping out and hand-walking away from him. I forgot he did the Kokoda on his hands 😂 

The one thing I wish people knew about me… my legs aren’t broken. A lot of people assume my legs are broken. They aren’t. I just have no kneecaps. 

When I grow up, I want to be… an athlete that goes to the Paralympics. But I also want to be a gamer, a model/actor, and own a Lamborghini. 

To me, an inclusive future looks like… a future where all buildings, public places, airports, aeroplanes are accessible. A future where we don’t have to “tell” people about our disability and they just include us without prompting. I want to be able to go to a festival without having to call for “disabled” tickets, and I want to go in the mosh pit. Simple things like that.

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