Collage of inclusive gifts for kids from EveryHuman.

Inclusive gifts for kids taking on the world!

By Tim Harding

The festive season is nearly here and as temperatures rise and so does the excitement! Everyone is busy making plans to see long missed family and friends. The 2021 holiday season is certainly going to be a fun-filled one! Gift giving really makes the season special and the kids most certainly enjoy it! We have put together a gift guide for the young humans to help you spend less time searching and more time giving.

Anna Fashion Tee

Alt text: A yellow Tommy Hilfiger Anna Fashion Tee with ‘Bee Kind’ text above a drawn honeypot. Tee shown on off-white background.
With temperatures heating up, the Anna Fashion Tee by Tommy Hilfiger lets everyone know this is a summer of fun. The eye-catching yellow and the cute ‘honeypot’ graphic is also sensory! The tags are gone, the seams are flat so summer can be enjoyed that much more.
Tommy Tina Dress
Alt text: Tee styled dress in white with Tommy Hilfiger classic logo across the chest. Dress shown on off-white background.
What’s better than looking cool? Feeling cool as well, and that’s the feeling you get in the Tommy Tina dress. The iconic style of a Tommy Hilfiger tee is now a dress made with 100% cotton, so you feel as cool as you look and the hidden closures at the shoulders make it a breeze to get into.
Tote Bag - Mango Lines
 First image is a woman holding the mango coloured tote with JAM the label centred across the forearm highlighting the double straps. Middle image is the back of a man using a wheelchair with the tote bag hanging. Third image is a close up of the tote bag.
Summer adventures come with a few extra things you need near-by. JAM the Label has your day-trip storage needs covered with the Mango Lines tote. This tote puts the fun in functional with its bright design and useful strapping that can be worn cross-body, on the shoulder or attached to a wheelchair or pram.
Single Shoe Adventure (Kids) - Cherry Blossom
Single shoe Adventure in cherry blossom on off-white background, the easy access is highlighted on instep.
The SINGLE SHOE Adventure is all about getting out there and enjoying yourself. The beauty is in how simple it is, the laces only need to be tied once! After that the Easy Shoe Access will have the shoe on and off with a zip. With SINGLE SHOE everyday can start off right or left.
Earjobs™ MUSICMATE® PRO High Fidelity Music Ear Plugs
Earjobs MusicMate PRO High Fidelity Music Ear Plugs in packaging on white background surrounded by guitar pics.

If you are looking for a gift that speaks volumes, the MUSICMATE PRO High Fidelity Music Ear Plugs could be exactly what you’re looking for. The combination of clear sound quality and SNR 23 means the sound is crisp but the ears are protected, so bring on the music!

Hipster Boyshort Maxi- 24 Hours - Black
Midsection of woman wearing Modibodi Hipster Boyshort Maxi - 24hr in black in front of a white background.

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep, and the trick to a good night's sleep is comfort. Comfort and pads or tampons don’t always go together and thanks to the Hipster Boyshort Maxi-24, sleep just got more comfy. With 24hrs protection even for a heavy flow keeps the wearer mess-free overnight or all day if needed, giving confidence in both rest and play.

Flow Vessel: Original - Platinum Silver

A Flow vessel water bottle in silver both with lip open on a grey background.

Looking for a gift that is useful all-year-round? The Flow Vessel Mini will help keep the most active of kids hydrated with 18 hours of temperature control either hot or cold, the lid has both an automatic opening and slide locking to stop accidental spills.

Excursion (Kids) - Canyon Camo

SINGLE SHOE Excursion in Canyon camo shown from instep with easy shoe access highlighted on grey/white background.

A boy about town needs a shoe that will take him where he needs to be. This makes the perfect gift for a fashionable little man. The SINGLE SHOE Excursion mid in Canyon camo brings comfort to style for whatever the day brings. Now available as a single shoe & different widths and sizes for left and right feet.

Colourblock Badge Polo (Kids)

Colourblock badge polo in red/white strip on the right & solid navy and signature badge on the left.

Tommy’s done it again! Another stylish polo that makes getting dressed so much easier. The Colourblock Badge Polo brings Tommy’s timeless style and the hidden magnetic front closure takes the effort out of looking good and is the perfect gift for any young boy.

Bedwetting Treatment Shorts

Alt text: a young child jumping on the bed wearing charcoal coloured Pjama Bedwetting Treatment pants.

Bedwetting is a difficult time for parents and kids alike. The Pjama Bedwetting Treatment pant helps make this a bit easier with a sensor attachment that can let the parent know as soon as change is needed via an alarm or smart phone notification. This gives the gift of peace of mind.

Kids Book About Adventure

Cover of ‘A Kids Book about Adventure’ with title yellow and orange text with black backing & and orange spine.

This is another great book from the ‘A kids book about’ series and is a helpful tool for parents to have. Adventure is exciting but can also be very scary, for both parents and child and A Kids Book About Adventure can help remove those fears and open a world of adventure.

Spikey Wrist Fidget

Black Spikey Wrist Fidget centred on a light grey background.

For little ones that are comforted by a strong sensory input, The Spikey Wrist Fidget is an ideal gift. The powder coated carbon-steel gives strength and durability and a comforting option for anxiety relief.

Bendi Shades

Bendi Shades in a two tone light blue centred on a grey background. 

Nothing says someone is ready for summer like a new pair of shades no matter the age. The Bendi Shades offer 100% UVA and UVB through their polarised shatter-proof lens making it the perfect gift to protect a little ones eyes though the bright summer.

Single Shoes for Toddlers - Billy High-Tops

SINGLE SHOE wide high-top canvas sneakers in a variety of colours shown in a grid of six.

Toddler shoes have long been a bit of a drama to get on and off. This now made so much easier with SINGLE SHOE wide high-top canvas sneakers in colours for both girls and boys. The full upper opening makes less time getting on and more time to play.

Happi Brush

Leo the Lion toothbrush by Happi Brush centred on a grey background.

We all know brushing is important to keep the mouth happy and healthy but it is a bit boring. Not with a Happi Brush! These brushes make oral care fun with bright animal designs and the cleaning power has been upgraded to give an even better clean.

These are just a few of our picks for great gifts for kids this festive season. There are many more options on our site, so be sure to check us out for more inspiration. There is a chance you may be spoilt by choice and we have you covered with an EveryHuman gift card, The ultimate inclusive gift. Buy here!



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