Inclusive Gift ideas for Men that say they don’t want anything!

Inclusive Gift ideas for Men that say they don’t want anything!

By Tim Harding


With Christmas just around the corner, there is still time to get something for the guy that says he has it all. We have put together 12 gift ideas to help find something he will really love!


Merit Polo (Mens) - Navy/Red/White

Polo tee with three stripes of navy, red & white polo by Tommy Hilfiger on an off-white background

The humble polo is the perfect gift for any man, its toes the line perfectly between comfort and classic style. When it comes to polo’s the Merit Polo is all he’ll need to keep looking great for a day out and about or cheeky beer at the pub. The Merit is part of the Tommy’s Adaptive range so while looking good it also makes life a bit easier.


Maxi Anklet Non-Slip Sock - Teal

Gripperz Maxi anklet non-slip sock in teal. Pictured from the instep & on a light grey background.

Socks are often a standard gift for men, and that is great! Not many things feel better than a new pair of socks. What doesn't feel great is your new socks taking you for an unplanned slide across a polished floor. Those slips are a thing of the past with Gripperz Mani Anklet Non-Slip Socks as the grip dots let you move with confidence. 


Ithaca Shorts (Mens) - Red & White

I don’t know what it is about stripes, but they just give off a good summer vibe. The Ithaca shorts being those summer vibes and add some colour to the wardrobe and part of the Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive range it looks like any other short just minus a lot of the hassle.


Voyage (Unisex) - Black

Voyage by Friendly shoes in black shown from instep highlighting easy access with grey and white background.

There is beauty in simplicity and that’s why a solid black shoe is a necessity. It goes with almost every outfit. The Voyage sneaker brings more than simplicity and style. It offers comfort and convenience as well with its memory foam inner sole and easy access zipper on the instep.

Prime (Men) - White

Single all white Prime sneaker by Rollie has tennis shoe styling in profile position & grey background.

Comfort is king when it comes to the feet and that used to mean new shoes would take some breaking-in and inevitable blisters. Thankfully those days are over with the Prime by Rollie, the heel and toes area are engineered for immediate comfort without blisters!


Minnesota (Men) - Brown

Brown Minnesota boot by Hush Puppies shown from outer profile with dark brown ankle elastic & a white/grey background.

Shoes are a lot like people, they can have all the style in the world but it’s the sole that really matters. Hush Puppies provides both. They are notorious for comfort without loss of style and the Minnesota boot is no exception bringing comfort and class to any occasion.

TraVino Wine Sippy Cup - Seafoam Green

TraVino Wine Sippy Cup by Alcoholder pictured with lid removed resting against cup with a grey background.

Aussie summers always means a fuller social calendar and that means there will be drinks flowing. The TraVino Wine Sippy Cup is the perfect cup to raise a toast with family and friends. The closable lid ensures no lost beverages and also keeps your drink clean of unwanted flying guests.


SleepPhones Wireless - Midnight Black (Fleece)

Black headband styled SleepPhones Wireless by AcousticSheep centred on a grey background.

To fall asleep listening to your favourite tunes has been a bit of a pipedream as normal headphones or earbuds are too bulky or uncomfortable. AcousticSheep has the solution. The SleepPhones Wireless are headband styled headphones that lets you be serenaded to sleep. This is the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys a good night's sleep.



Suspended in centre frame the Flare CALMER NIGHT in black by Flare Audio with a grey background.

A disturbed sleep is a sure way to ruin the next day, this is worsened if you have sensitive hearing. The Flare CALMER® NIGHT could be the perfect gift for light sleepers. These earbuds don’t block sound entirely but they do reduce the harsh and jarring noises and are made from comfortable soft silicone.


IQbuds2 MAX

Wireless IQbuds2 MAX by Nuheara in black with one earbud displayed outside the charging case with a grey background.

The IQbuds2 MAX offers everything a music lover could want! The features are plentiful ranging from active noise reduction, customisable sound profiles through an app to situational sound that allows different settings for different situations. If the man you are shopping for experiences sound sensitivities, then you don’t need to look further than the IQbuds2 MAX.


Flow Vessel - Original Platinum

Flow Vessel in Original Platinum drink bottle displayed with lid open and straw extended with grey background.

The Flow Vessel is the perfect hydration station, it keeps drinks warm for 6hrs or cold for 18hrs. Yet, this water bottle offers more than most, it’s bottom button auto release lid with slide lock makes it easy to handle and the integrated handle only adds to the convenience.


Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic

 Cover of ‘Life Without Limits’ with author Nick on a beach with blurred forest in background, cover on grey backing.

Nick’s book is a great addition to any book collection, as it gives insight to how Nick has lived an action-packed life as an inspirational speaker, a gig that has taken around the world. He shows that ‘Perfection isn’t always perfect’ and adds his personal action plan to help anyone get closer to their destiny.


This is just a small taste of what EveryHuman has to offer, so be sure to have a look around the site for more inspiration. If by chance you can’t decide what to pick, try an EveryHuman gift card. The Ultimate inclusive gift.

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