Behind the Brand: JAM the label

Behind the Brand: JAM the label

We are so thrilled to have a chat with Emma Clegg and Molly Rogers, the founders of JAM the label to learn more about their experience in the disability space and what makes JAM so special.

How did the idea for JAM the label come about and was there any research involved?

We’re Occupational Therapists (OTs) who worked as Disability Support Workers whilst at university. The two teens we worked with were Jack And Maddie who were the inspiration for the brand - hence the name, JAM! Jack and Maddie both have cerebral palsy and spend a majority of their day in their wheelchairs. We would help Jack and Maddie get ready for their days and always came together at uni and spoke about how there was no age-appropriate clothing that made it easier for them or the people who assisted them to get dressed.

We decided to create JAM because we believe that every single person deserves the right to feel good in the clothes they wear and that no one should have to compromise fashion for functionality.

As OTs, we understand access and accessibility very well so designing the functional aspects of the products is our strength but it was very important to us that we are constantly checking in with out community to ensure that we are making products that meet their true needs.


What makes JAM the label different and unique?

We consider ourselves an “inclusive” fashion brand which means we incorporate universal design principles to create our products. We love the idea that being inclusive means that everyone can wear our products.

Something else that’s unique about JAM is that we appeal to the young-adult age group, that is so often left out. In our research before launching, we found that (particularly in Australia) adaptive/inclusive fashion was usually targeted at either the elderly or the very young. Something else that sets JAM apart is that we are not only OTs, but we are two young, socially conscious consumers ourselves and always make sure the products we create are items that we ourselves would love to wear (and frequently do!).


JAM launched in 2019. What has been one of your favourite memories on this journey?

Both of our photoshoots are probably our favourite memories. Our very first photoshoot in February 2019 was incredibly special and something we’ll always love. We had Jack and Maddie and their families modelling. It was such a fun day and they were both naturals!

Our second photoshoot was in late 2020. We had six incredible models and our whole new range of products - it was amazing to see all of the products that we created actually being worn all together! We had people fully kitted out in JAM and that was the coolest thing ever. 


What does inclusivity mean to you?

Inclusivity to us means that people like Jack and Maddie are given the same opportunities and experiences that we were given at their age. It means that every person has a seat at the table to tell their story.

Inclusivity to us means not just being performative and having someone with disability represented to tick a box, but actually listening to what’s important to the community and following through with action. 


Tell us about some key products and its features.

We love our 100% Linen Shirts - both in the masculine and femme styles. They have magnetic closures in lieu of buttons so all the hard work is taken out of looking good. A lot of our friends have said they’ll never buy a button up shirt again!

EveryHuman featuring JAM the label's Femme Linen Shirt. EveryHuman featuring JAM the label's Masc. Linen Shirt.


We have both been absolutely living in our High Waisted Pants. These were born from our community giving feedback that they wanted work appropriate pants that were nice enough for the office but that could easily be worn casually as well. These are high waisted and also feature a drop crotch meaning that the extra fabric allows them to be perfect for both a seated and standing position. They have functional buttons that open up like a flap at the front for people who are assisted to get dressed lying down.

EveryHuman featuring JAM the label High Waist Plans. EveryHuman featuring JAM the label High Waist Pant.


Finally, our staple item that has been super popular are our Tote Bags. They come in three designs to suit any personality. The Classic Calico that goes with everything. The Mango Lines which is a really bright pop of colour - we love this one when we’re needing a touch of sunshine. And finally, our Green Confetti - we find that people who are looking to add a little colour but still want to play it safe love this pattern. Aside from their appearance, their functional features are what we really love about them. We included one long strap so you can wear it on one shoulder or cross body, two short straps with press stud closures which can be hooked onto wheelchair or pram handles (or even your shopping trolley!) and an internal zipped pocket which is perfect for valuables.

EveryHuman featuring JAM the label Tote Bag. EveryHuman featuring JAM the label Tote Bag.


EveryHuman featuring JAM the label Tote Bag.

Thanks so much, we are so excited to launch on EveryHuman!

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