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10 Disability Blogs You Need to Follow

The internet has gifted us with many things: food delivery to our doorstep, fast & easy access to fashionable adaptive clothing, and a platform to share our story. These days, anyone with a laptop can create a blog to share their unique experiences, spark insightful conversations, and shed light on unspoken topics. 
At EveryHuman, we love reading about the awesome humans who aren’t afraid to use their voice and share life from their perspective. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best blogs about living with a disability that is guaranteed to entertain, educate, and encourage. 

Carly Findlay

For a dose of humour, wit, and authenticity, Carly Findlay’s blog is the one to read. Being born with Ichthyosis (a severe skin condition that leads to red and scaly skin) meant that Carly was often treated differently because of her appearance. But through her powerful words and activism, Carly is committed to educating people about Ichthyosis and the challenges of living with a chronic illness. Now, she is highly regarded as an award-winning writer, appearance activist, and Australia’s most influential woman; in the 2014 Australian Financial Review. 
Check out her blog to follow along on Carly’s journey.


Trend-Able is the brainchild of Lainie Ishbia, an empowering speaker who was born with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease: a rare and progressive neuromuscular disorder that primarily affects her hands & feet. Her firsthand experience with this condition and her love for fashion inspired her to create a platform where perfectly imperfect people could help each other think outside of the box and live their best life. Now, her blog covers all types of lifestyle topics including how to date with a disability and how to style shoes with leg braces. 
For more on Lainie’s self-love journey and her best fashion tips, be sure to check out Trend-able

Curb Free With Cory Lee

For those looking to satisfy their wanderlust, look no further than Curb Free with Cory Lee. Although Cory was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and wheelchair-bound at just two years old, his desire to travel the world has never diminished. In his empowering and entertaining blog, Cory shares his adventures around the globe: from Disneyland to Iceland and everywhere in between. Along the way, Cory also shares his top tips and tricks on travelling with a wheelchair and his recommendations on the most accessible airlines and hotels. 
To read more about his iconic and entertaining adventures around the world, check out Curb Free With Cory Lee.  

The Wheelchair Mommy

Life doesn’t have to stop just because life is turned upside down. That’s the mantra and purpose behind The Wheelchair Mommy. Created by Priscilla Hedlin, the blog documents her life as a writer and mum of three beautiful children. Throughout her stories, Priscilla isn’t afraid to get real and dive deep into what it was like to be pregnant as a paraplegic, and how she parents from a wheelchair.
For a heartwarming and candid discussion about life, motherhood, and health, bookmark The Wheelchair Mommy on your browser today. 

The Mighty

Interested in being part of a community and reading the stories of every day, mighty, individuals? Then The Mighty is the place for you. The Mighty is a digital health community created to empower and connect people facing health challenges and disabilities. Within the community, members share powerful stories of the challenges they’ve faced and the lessons they’ve learnt. 
Above all, The Mighty is a safe space and a an open forum to shine a light on the beautiful moments that happen when people face challenges. 

Have Wheelchair Will Travel

“Surely we can’t be the first family to travel with a wheelchair?” This was the question that inspired a Sydney-based family of four to document their travels with a wheelchair in the mix. Although the eldest boy in the family has cerebral palsy, it didn’t stop this adventurous family from embarking on their travels and pooling together a bunch of resources for other families in the same situation. From reviewing accessible hotels in Sydney to documenting their experience at events like Mardi Gras and Vivid Sydney, this blog is a wealth of information on the best places to visit in Australia and the USA. 
Discover more about travelling with a wheelchair at Have Wheelchair Will Travel. 

Finding Cooper’s Voice

If you’ve ever felt isolated and lonely while caring for a young child with a disability, this blog is for you. When Kate Swenson’s son was diagnosed with severe, non-verbal autism, she was suddenly confronted by the physical and emotional challenges of raising a child with special needs. But by using writing as an outlet, Kate ended up turning her blog into an amazing community of parents, teachers, and caregivers who are looking to find support, encouragement, and a safe space to vent. Now, Kate aims to use her stories and her platform to show the beauty in severe autism and share the unique challenges of parenting a special needs child. 
Check out Finding Cooper’s Voice to feel safe, seen, and understood. 

Living With Bob

Living with Bob was created by Michelle Roger to find the humour in the world of chronic illness and document her life with Dysautonomia, a condition which affects the autonomic nervous system. Michelle has been blogging for over 10+ years and uses her platform to encourage others and to share an unfiltered view of what it’s like to have a chronic illness. She also started the tag #UpAndDressed on Instagram to highlight the lack of diversity within the fashion industry for disabled people. 
If you’re ever feeling disheartened, Living With Bob is the blog for you. 

Life of a Blind Girl

Life of a Blind Girl was created by Holly as a way of sharing her experiences of living with Retinopathy of Prematurity, a condition that led to her becoming blind. In a predominantly sighted world, Holly aims to raise awareness and educate others on visual impairment and disability. Within her blog, you’ll find posts about her love for writing, what she wished others knew about visual impairment, and the way she embraces every opportunity life throws at her. 
To read more about her story, check out Life of a Blind Girl. 

Stumbling in Flats

Stumbling in Flats documents the life and thoughts of Barbara along with her experience with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). After starting her blog in 2012, people from over 150 countries have jumped online to read her online diary about managing life with MS and her adventures with her son who she refers to as The Teenager.
For an insightful and heartwarming read, be sure to subscribe to Stumbling in Flats. 

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