Spotlight: MIGA Swimwear

Spotlight: MIGA Swimwear

Let’s be real: many of us have felt self-conscious about wearing a bikini to the beach at some point in our lives. While there are hundreds of different swimsuits on the market, most swimwear tends to look the same or only cater to one body-type. But what if it doesn’t have to be this way? What if you could find a different type of swimwear that’s inclusive, unique, and celebrates your differences? 

Thankfully, there is. 

Meet: MIGA Swimwear, a swimsuit line designed specifically for people with disfigurements, chronic illnesses, and disabilities. 

The brand was born after the founder, Maria Luisa Mendiola, spent years of her life wrestling with her insecurity over her toes. Her genetic condition, brachymetatarsia, means she has shortened fourth toes on both of her feet - something that always caused her to feel self-conscious at the pool. Armed with a mission to lower stigma in the disfigurement and disability community, she set out to create a swimwear collection that would inspire self-acceptance and body positivity among all women. 

Each MIGA Swimwear piece is inspired by real stories from women who are living with different diagnoses, and every design is beautifully crafted to accommodate adaptive needs. 

The Lydia Long Sleeve Top and Adaptable Belt Bikini Bottom was inspired by a woman named Lydia who needed surgery to remove her large intestine and got an ileostomy. The bikini bottom is designed with an adaptable belt at the waist so women with a similar diagnosis can cover their stoma bag and head confidently to the beach. 

The Colette Tankini, Bikini Bottom, and Adjustable Skirt was also inspired by a woman named Colette who was born with a rare birth defect, Sacrococcygeal Teratoma. The Tankini is designed to provide extra coverage in the torso, and the adjustable skirt gives extra coverage in the bottom.

We’re thrilled to partner with MIGA Swimwear as our first-ever swimwear brand. By launching their collection on our platform, we hope to create more inclusivity in the swimwear industry and encourage you to love your body, no matter what. 

Our Top MIGA Swimwear Picks:

Lydia Top 
A unique swimwear top designed to help you love the skin you’re in while you’re at the beach or the pool. It’s designed with an adaptive pull zip to help you slip in with ease and long sleeves for extra coverage. 
Lydia Bottom
These high waisted bottoms with an adjustable strap are perfect for anyone who needs to protect and cover their stoma bag while splashing in the water. 
Colette Tankini 
Add a splash of colour to your summer wardrobe with this electric green tankini! It provides extra coverage in the torso and can even be worn as a regular top. 



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