Three outfits for winter to work, play and keeping cozy!

Three outfits for winter to work, play and keeping cozy!

By Rebecca Dubber

When I woke up this morning, it was one degree. I think it's safe to say winter is pretty much upon us and when I was picking out my outfit for the day, I quickly realised I might not be as prepared for winter as I thought I was. 

Personally, I love winter; I mean, I don't love the cold... But I do love a good hot choccy by the fire and winter fashion. There's nothing I love more than rugging up snug as a bug and feeling like I'm getting an endless warm hug from my several layers of clothing. 

I also love shopping, so it seemed like a no brainer to me that I would check out the EveryHuman website to see what kind of wheelchair friendly winter layers they've got in stock reading for the picking. So without further ado, here are my picks for some winter outfits that will keep you working, playing and cozy all winter long!

Rebecca Dubber her "Play" outfit: Tommy Seated Stripe Crew Tee and High Waisted Pant (@rebeccadubber)

Outfit One: Work

I work in a corporate office and commute by train every day, so it's essential that I can look good and keep warm while moving from place to place. I have chosen three items for my winter work look; let's work from the bottom up. 

I choose the High Waisted Black pants from JAM the label because you can't go wrong with black pants, I love the detail of the buttons on the front and the fact they're high waisted, which is a godsend when you use a wheelchair, and they really stood out to me as the perfect work pants! 

Next, I've gone for the Femme Linen Shirt in white by JAM the label. I choose this shirt because it kind of rounds off my perfect monochrome office uniform. For me, the real stand out of this piece is the magnetic closures instead of traditional buttons because it will make it so quick for me to get dressed on those one-degree frosty mornings. 

I've rounded off this outfit with the Tommy V-Neck Sweater in Cream. I chose this piece because it's a good layering piece for commuting to and from the office. I'm also a big fan of wide neck openings which helps make it easy to get on and off when I'm out and about. 

Femme Linen Shirt

Tommy V-Neck Sweater

High Waisted Pant


Outfit Two: Play

When I'm not at work, I like to keep my style casual but slightly put together. I'm not a super social butterfly, but I do enjoy the occasional coffee and catching up with friends and family over the weekend. Again I've chosen three items for this look, so let's mix it up a bit and work from the top down. 

Denim jackets are a great casual piece that I would recommend everyone have in their wardrobe for any time of year. I've chosen the Cropped Trucker Jacket by Tommy Hilfiger for this look because the cropped style is such an excellent option for me as a wheelchair user. I also spy magnet closures on the wrist, which will alleviate my struggle to get the jacket on and off. 

Next up, I chose the Tommy Seated Stripe Crew Tee in White by Tommy Hilfiger. I'm a big fan of layers, so I still find T-Shirts to be a good winter option, especially if you're heading somewhere with heating, and it's likely you might warm up enough to want to take your jacket off. I chose this T-shirt because I think you can't go wrong with a white tee logo tee, especially when it has the added benefit of velcro closures down the back to make it easy to get on and off. 

I think there might be a theme brewing here about me and black pants. To tie up this outfit, I chose the Wide Leg Pant in Black Bamboo. I am a fan of black pants with a blue denim jacket, and I love how the style can accommodate moon boots, splints, braces and casts.

Tommy Seated Stripe Crew Tee

Wide Leg Pant

Cropped Trucker Jacket


Outfit Three: Cozy Vibes

When I'm not at work or catching up with friends and family, you'll probably find me on the couch binging Grey's anatomy or the bold type. I'm a real homebody at heart, so I love nothing more than an afternoon on the couch in something super cozy. Here are my two must-have picks for a Netflix binge session on the couch. 

I love a good oversized jumper (I steal from my fiance constantly), so of course, my first pick is the Mock Neck Sweater in Navy by Tommy Hilfiger. What's great about this crew jumper is that it is perfect for lounging in. The wide neck opening makes it easy to put on and take off. 

I have paired this jumper with the equally comfy looking Tapered Track Pant by Christina Stephens. The adjustable ankle straps stand out for me on these as someone who often gets swollen ankles. It's nice to know that I can adjust the straps to stop my legs from feeling restricted if they do swell up!

Mock Neck Jumper

Tapered Track Pant

So there you have it. My top winter picks for work, play and keeping cozy. If you're looking for items that will keep you warm and comfortable but also cater to your unique access needs, I'd highly recommend checking out the range available on EveryHuman.  

Stay warm and happy shopping, folks! 

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